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Junior Office Assistant (future Office Manager), full time in Amsterdam

You’re a Junior Office Assistant and you want to grow into being a full-on Office Manager. You are enthusiastic, representative, pro-active, a supporter with a hands-on mentality and you don’t let anyone just walk over you. Naturally, you have excellent social and communicative skills and you’re not afraid to relive your colleagues of their work.

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Account Manager (40hrs), Amsterdam
You are a scrutinous and energetic person, who works well alone and in a team, and is looking for a dynamic workspace. After a short orientational period, you’ll be put on numerous accounts. In this position, you will be in touch with our clients on a daily basis about requests and orders, and you will maintain communications with our buyer-offices and suppliers in Asia. Furthermore, you will be responsible for maintaining relationships, creating quotes and presentations, requesting and sourcing premiums, product development and managing orders.

You have experience working as an account manager, selling goods and services face to face and are a competent high-level conversational partner. You’re a quick thinker and steadfast decision maker. Ambition, a commercial orientation, professionalism and representativeness all go hand in hand with you.

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