What is Ecovadis

In the current global environment, businesses are evaluated by their sustainability progress as much as their financial progress.

EcoVadis provides Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ratings service of companies. Their aim is to make CSR performance measurable, increase transparency and stimulate improvement. Each company is assessed on the material issues as they pertain to their company’s size, location and industry.

The EcoVadis assessment covers a broad range of non-financial topics:

  • Environmental impact (e.g. waste management, GHG emissions, product sustainability);
  • Labour & Human Rights (e.g. employee H&S, career management, discrimination & harassment);
  • Ethics (e.g. corruption, responsible data management);
  • Sustainable Procurement (supplier audits, supplier CSR performance)

These evidence-based assessments are refined into easy to read scorecards, providing zero to one hundred (0-100) scores, and medals (bronze, silver, gold and since 2020 also platinum), when applicable.

Additionally, the scorecards provide guidance on strengths and improvement areas, which the assessed companies may use to focus their sustainability efforts and develop corrective action plans to improve their CSR performance.

To date, EcoVadis has assessed over 75,000+ companies in 160 countries, mitigating risk for some of the world’s largest organizations, while positively impacting the environments, fostering transparency and driving innovation.

More information can be found at: www.ecovadis.com.


At XLCONCEPT we use the EcoVadis tool to assess and monitor our CSR performance on yearly basis. We have been awarded the GOLD medal in 2018 and 2019. In 2020, we have achieved PLATINUM status as one of the first companies within our industry. We are proud to announce that in June 2021 we have been granted the PLATIUM medal again with significant improved scores across all 4 areas assessed by EcoVadis.

With an overall score of 88, we belong to the top 1% of our industry.

See our 2021 EcoVadis Scorecard:

For our EcoVadis 2021 Performance Overview click here (PDF).

For our EcoVadis 2021 Certificate click here (PDF).

Sustainability leadership award 2021

XLCONCEPT has been recognized for excellence in sustainability and named Best Performer Wholesale, Services, Professionals in the Sustainability Leadership Awards 2021 dedicated to small and medium enterprises!
This award recognizes companies that are leading the charge in sustainability practices around the globe and is based on the EcoVadis assessment scores.